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Goldberg and McEnaney at   At Goldberg & McEnaney, our disability pension lawyers have over 70 combined years of litigation experience and over 50 years of focused experience in obtaining ¾ disability pensions for New York's civil servants.

New York’s Finest Disability Pension Law Firm

Goldberg & McEnaney, LLC

At Goldberg & McEnaney, our disability pension lawyers have over 70 combined years of litigation experience and over 50 years of focused experience in obtaining 3/4 disability pensions for New York's civil servants, services we have delivered with a personal touch and attention to detail that has enabled us to build a Disability Pension law practice in which over 90% of our new NYPD, FDNY, EMS, and DOC clients have been referred to us by other members of those forces, their friends and family, whom we've helped in the past. 

Because we focus on one practice area only, 3/4 disability pensions for public employees and civil servants (not a dozen or more practice areas unrelated to disability pension matters), at Goldberg & McEnaney, your disability pension matter is always handled by a dedicated pension attorney with decades of litigation experience – and one who eats, drinks, and sleeps disability pension law.

If you are a member of the NYPD, DOC (NYCD), FDNY, EMS (or other uniformed or non-uniform city service) and ready to submit your ODR, ADR, POD or WTC retirement/WTC reclassification application, or if you have recently had your disability pension application denied, please STOP what you’re doing and call us NOW at (516) 775-9400, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, or email us at, to schedule your FREE consultation. 


Please, don’t take the risk of filing a defective disability pension application or of missing the filing deadline for your Article 78 Proceeding or appeal.  Come see us, get the reliable information and advice you need to make intelligent, informed decisions about your pension rights - and do it now - while that knowledge can still help you.  Your family will thank you.

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What can you expect from your free disability pension consultation?

  • A comprehensive, unrushed discussion with one or more of our pension attorneys covering every aspect of your case.  Pension cases are highly fact sensitive, complicated, and can be approached in many different ways to increase your chances of success.  Because of this, it often takes time to discuss the details necessary to select the best plan of attack.  We understand that you are not a lawyer, that you may need time to recall certain details, details which may be upsetting to you personally, and that you will need us to explain – without legal jargon – what we need to know in order to help you win your 3/4 disability pension. 

  • Accurate, cutting edge legal advice from attorneys dedicated to the study of disability pension caselaw, legislation and medical developments.  Simply put, your union rep, your friend’s brother, your ex-partner, and even attorneys who offer limited pension services, are, with rare exceptions, not good sources for reliable advice about your disability pension matter.  This is because your entitlement to a disability pension is subject not only to a web of intersecting laws at the state, city and local levels, but also by the constantly shifting influence of recent court decisions and evolving medical knowledge which change the way in which those laws are interpreted and enforced; changes that most people (and most lawyers) are simply unaware of.  At G&M, we are always aware of such changes because of our focused  experience in disability pension matters, spanning from the mid 1970’s to the cutting edge, present day, and because every legal service we provide revolves around disability pension cases.  

  • No pressure.  No Obligation.  Your consultation is FREE, whether it takes one hour or three hours.  You are under no obligation to retain us and will not be pressured in any way.  We are usually (there are exceptions) able to determine whether we can accept your case by the end of your initial consultation.  Unfortunately, not every case can be won, and we do have to turn down prospective clients for that reason more often than we would like. Either way, however, we will give you our unvarnished opinion as to the strengths and weaknesses of your case and will offer you valuable, reliable information and advice. 

  • A significant reduction of confusion and stress.  One of the most common remarks we hear from clients following an initial consultation is how relieved they feel afterward – simply from receiving straightforward answers, reliable advice, and detailed, knowledgeable direction as to how they should proceed.   You’ll sleep easier knowing what to expect and knowing what you’ll need to do to give yourself the best possible chance to overcome any obstacles we identify in your path to a New York disability retirement pension.

What should you bring to your free consultation?

  • All medical records and correspondence related to your disability.  We’ll go over them when we sit down with you, point out the positives and negatives relevant to your disability pension application, Article 78 Proceeding, or appeal, and answer any questions you may have about they may affect the outcome of your case.  While we are much better able to help and advise you if we have all of the information relevant to your disability pension matter, time is never your friend in these cases, and meeting sooner, with some of your records, is wiser than meeting later with all of your records.  Delays in getting started do far more damage than incomplete records or imperfect recollection as, once certain deadlines are missed, the damage can be irreversible. 

  • Your spouse, partner or significant other.  Why?  First, because they’re anxious about your disability pension too, and having more information is not only calming but empowering.  Second, because having them there means not having to repeat everything you learn in a 1-3 hour (yes, it happens) initial consultation with your disability pension attorney.  Last, but certainly not least, because they will ALWAYS remember details you’ve forgotten.  No client remembers everything.  Some are terrible with dates and details.  In our experience however, and with remarkable regularity, people choose life mates who somehow compensate for this, and they frequently provide us with useful details that can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. 

  • An open mind.  Our successful 3/4 disability pension clients, with rare exceptions, have typically been told by no fewer than 5 people (including co-workers, union reps, and "pension" lawyers), that their 3/4 disability pension application or litigation is “hopeless,” “has no chance,” or “will definitely be denied,” by the time we first sit down with them for a consultation.  In some cases, often where some avoidable (but irreversible) mistake was made at an earlier stage, this is true.  Frequently, however, because of relevant facts or arguments that these well-meaning advisors have failed to take into account - or, more commonly, have failed to invest enough time listening to the client to discover - their advice is not just wrong, but dead wrong.  Making such an important  decision about whether to pursue your disability pension benefits without first having your case reviewed by a highly experienced pension lawyer, one who is intimately familiar with all of the recent changes affecting your rights, may seem an obvious mistake, and it is, but people make this mistake all the time, and unwittingly walk away from life-changing disability benefits, often in the 7 figure range, that they and their families were actually entitled to.

Goldberg and McEnaney at   At Goldberg & McEnaney, our disability pension lawyers have over 70 combined years of litigation experience and over 50 years of focused experience in obtaining ¾ disability pensions for New York's civil servants.
Goldberg and McEnaney at   At Goldberg & McEnaney, our disability pension lawyers have over 70 combined years of litigation experience and over 50 years of focused experience in obtaining ¾ disability pensions for New York's civil servants.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Having known Jeffrey Goldberg for over 25 years, and having been represented by him for my own successful 3/4 disability pension, I can confidently state that he is a champion for your disability pension.  He takes his time, sits with you, actively listens to your story, reviews your evidence, prepares the documentation with the disability package to present your case.  He is with you during your medical exam, and will fight for you every step of the way.  His experience and intimate knowledge of the NYC pension system will give you peace and confidence since this has been his life’s work.  Jeff is dedicated to making sure your rights are protected so you are protected.  Jeff is methodical, thorough, and dedicated to his clients.  He is well familiar with the obstacles NYCERS can throw in your way, and is extremely well versed at helping you navigate them.  His experience with NYCERS, and creativity in dealing with their objections and denials makes him the best lawyer for your disability pension.   You can trust him and his firm, Goldberg & McEnaney, to have your back, they are reliable and have a genuine concern for you.  I have seen this first hand not only in my own case but on the many occasions in which Jeff answered questions I asked on behalf of other EMS members who were not able to hire an attorney on their own.  That, and their successful track record should give you peace of mind."

- Marianne Pizzitola, EMS, Retired

  President, FDNY EMS Retirees Association

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