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Former Clients


We've sent this link to you to let you know about a nifty little souvenir we'd like to send you to commemorate your success in obtaining your 3/4 pension with Goldberg & McEnaney.

​What is it? Only the most gorgeous, universally coveted, and lucky, 2-full-inch challenge coin in the known universe (in our humble opinion). Ok, you say, I certainly want one - but what do I have to do to get this magnificent, rare, and uniquely collectible keepsake? What's the catch? Here it comes... leave us a brief (or long) testimonial about how you won your pension with us. That's it. Oh, and also leave us your current address and tell us which display accessory you'd like for your challenge coin (floating frame, brass desk stand, or black or pink leather keyring coin holder).

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