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Disability Pension Applications

Your first step is important. Make it count.

Because the application process can be intimidating and complicated, it’s crucial to take an informed approach from the very beginning of the process.  Too often, not doing so results in disability pension applications that have been needlessly undermined by avoidable mistakes and deficiencies.   You can count on us to guide you through every step of the application process and steer you around the traps and pitfalls that can result in an avoidable denial of your application.  Call today to set up a free consultation with us and learn how we can help you with your disability pension application.

Disability Pension Litigation

The Article 78 Proceeding and the Appeals Process. Suing the city to overturn the denial of your disability pension application.

Sometimes, when your disability pension application is denied, your only option is to take the city or state agency that denied your disability pension application to court for a judicial review of your application.  In this process, the first step is called an "Article 78 Proceeding."  This is a special kind of lawsuit in which an agency's action (here, the denial of your pension benefits) may be brought before a State Court judge empowered to review the propriety of that action.  In some Article 78 Proceedings it is possible to obtain not only an annulment (reversal) of the denial of your disability pension benefits, but the award of your disability pension benefits "as a matter of law."  Many firms do not have the experience necessary to successfully handle this type of lawsuit (or the appeals they often generate) and therefore offer only "application services."  Others avoid offering this service because disability pension Article 78 Proceedings are so highly labor intensive relative to the much simpler, and quicker, application process.  By contrast, at G&M, we routinely draft, serve and orally argue disability pension Article 78 Proceedings in the courts on a wide variety of disability pension cases, and welcome all types of disability pension cases (as long as they are viable).  So, whatever your type of disability pension matter, whether in the application stage, administrative hearing stage, the litigation stage or the appeal stage, we’ve got you covered.

Legal Services

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