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Goldberg and McEnaney at   At Goldberg & McEnaney, our disability pension lawyers have over 70 combined years of litigation experience and over 50 years of focused experience in obtaining ¾ disability pensions for New York's civil servants.

What Our Clients Say About Us

As a Correction Officer wounded multiple times in violent inmate incidents which ultimately led to my having to undergo a multi-level spinal fusion, I thought my disability pension application would be granted the first time I submitted it.  I was about as wrong as I’ve ever been.  It was denied the first time, and then denied every time I renewed it, despite my changing “pension” attorneys several times, and having to return to NYCERS for numerous Medical Board Exams.  One of my old attorneys even tried to tell me the repeated denials I got  weren’t his fault because my case was “unwinnable.”  Then I found Goldberg & McEnaney.  They moved mountains for me, LISTENED to me, invited me to spend time in their office and answered every single phone call I made to them (in the office and on their cell phones) and discussed my case with me for as long as it took to understand everything that had been done wrong before I handed my virtually dead case to them.  And then they did some legal CPR on it, worked day and night to meet my court deadline, and brought it back to life.  Tim did such a beautiful job on my Article 78 that the judge granted me my benefits as a matter of law, right after oral argument.  A bench decision.  I couldn’t believe it at first.  Bottom line:  Don’t bargain hunt and don’t use your workers comp attorney for your application or Article 78.  There’s way too much at stake.  Trust this firm to do right by you and to give you the absolute best chance possible to get your ¾ pension.  So glad I did.

- Scott Singleton, CO, Retired

God places people in your path that you were meant to meet and for me He sent Jeff and Tim.  I don’t think I ever would have gotten through this process if not for them. They always kept me updated on my case, gave me helpful advice and made things as easy as possible for me.  Having 3/4’s now has really changed my life in so many ways and I owe it all to them.  Great guys who really care about their clients and love their work. 


- Mitch. M. (EMT, EMS, Retired)

I never leave internet testimonials.  Making this my first because I would actually feel guilty if I didn’t say how thankful I am to my disability pension attorneys Tim McEnaney and Jeff Goldberg.  They calmed me down, took over my case and just said leave this to us.  I did and it was one of my best decisions.  Listen to them and follow their directions.  If anyone can get you 3/4’s its them.  If they’ll take your case (they almost didn’t take mine) you’d be crazy to trust anyone else with what really is your financial future.  Life changing for me.  Believe me, they do everything they can think of to win your case.  Mine took a long time because it was a tough case but they never stopped fighting for me and I made it through.


- Leslie B. (C.O., DOC, Retired)

“I was given Jeff Goldberg’s number by a friend of mine when I was looking for an Attorney to help me with my 9/11 Cancer disability claim with the NYPD.  When I called Jeff, he told me to come in at my earliest convenience to discuss.  When I did, I met Jeff along with his partner Tim McEnaney.  I was expecting a quick meet and greet but it was a very thorough conversation.  They explained how the whole application and litigation process worked and even gave me a timeframe, which was almost “spot on.”  Jeff and Tim also discussed cases that were similar to mine, which helped me understand that I wasn’t alone, as I was at the point where I wasn’t sure the attempt to reclassify my pension was even worth it because I had already been retired for almost ten years.  I was also told by others that it was a long shot at best.  Jeff and Tim made it happen for me.  Thank you, guys!  P.S.:  I want to also thank their Paralegal, Julie. She was extremely helpful during the whole process. She helped me track down medical records that the Medical Board needed. She even helped me set up my Patient Portal with my hospital to make tracking down paperwork so much easier.  Thank You!”        


- James G.   (Lt. NYPD, Retired)

As the victim of an inmate assault which badly injured my knee, I applied for a disability pension.  When the medical board said that I was fit for full duty even though I had a total knee replacement and only 45% use of my leg, I called Tim and Jeff.  It took over two years, but we finally did it!  The feeling of relief when I got that call from them is something l’ll never forget.  If you need a pension lawyer in my opinion this is the firm you want.


- Emily R. (C.O., DOC, Retired)

My WTC ¾ pension attorneys, Jeffrey Goldberg and Timothy McEnaney are extremely knowledgeable about the various and severe 911 related conditions and illnesses.  Their expertise is in the rights and entitlements available to all first responders and they got my service pension upgraded to 3/4’s even though I was already retired.  They had a personal touch when addressing my case and my specific needs.  There was constant communication throughout the process and any and all communications were immediately returned.  If you are looking for success and a seamless process, I urge any and all first responders to use Jeffrey Goldberg and Timothy McEnaney.   


- Bryan G.  (Sgt. NYPD, Retired)

As a former NYPD officer who's gone through the 3/4 disability pension application process, I can say from personal experience that undergoing a Medical Board examination (part of that process) can be a horrible and nerve-wracking experience - even for applicants with really strong medical evidence in their favor.   Having heard from others on the job, before my first Medical Board exam, that it would be a good idea to talk with a pension lawyer first, because everything rides on the opinion of those three doctors, I did some research on lawyers in that field and found that one lawyer in particular, Jeffrey Goldberg, had an excellent reputation and had handled more pension cases than any of the others I had researched.  Luckily, I was able to get an appointment with Mr. Goldberg before my Medical Board exam.   When we met at his office Mr. Goldberg took the time to talk with me, asked me a lot of questions that made it clear he knew the NYPD application process like the back of his hand, and he read all of my medical records.   By the time we finished going through everything he actually told me that, given the conditions I was diagnosed with, I really didn't need a lawyer - that I shouldn't have any problem getting my three quarters.  This really impressed me, as there was no way I could have known this, and I felt that many other attorneys would have just taken my case anyway just to get paid, knowing that I would have been approved without their "help."  Despite how strong my case was though, the three doctors I was examined by were arrogant and nasty, asking me questions that felt like accusations and which weren't even remotely related to my line of duty injury, some of which were very personal.  I left there horrified, as I could tell from their attitudes that I was definitely going to be denied, and called Mr. Goldberg right after I left.  He was outraged at the treatment I had received, confirmed that I would likely be in for a battle now given what I had described, and, to my relief, said he would now gladly take my case.  Thank God he did.  My union representation was completely uninterested in helping me and useless throughout the whole process, which did turn into an enormous battle.  Mr. Goldberg guided me and fought for me continuously, even though I had to go through another six Medical Board examinations (!) before I was finally approved.  His tenacity and professionalism were unbelievably outstanding but there's more to it than that.  Mr. Goldberg really cares about his clients and doesn't give up till they get what they are entitled to!  


- JPS (NYPD, retired)

My wife and I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say how much we appreciate all the efforts and kindness you’ve shown us throughout our battle with the city.  Really meant a lot to have guys like you at our backs, always strategizing and encouraging us not to lose hope. Can’t thank you both enough and will definitely keep in touch in the future. If you ever find yourself in Destin Florida give us a call and the drinks are on us!  Go Panthers!


- Larry & Michelle I. (Firefighter, FDNY, Retired) 

Having known Jeffrey Goldberg for over 25 years, and having been represented by him for my own successful 3/4 disability pension, I can confidently state that he is a champion for your disability pension.  He takes his time, sits with you, actively listens to your story, reviews your evidence, prepares the documentation with the disability package to present your case.  He is with you during your medical exam, and will fight for you every step of the way.  His experience and intimate knowledge of the NYC pension system will give you peace and confidence since this has been his life’s work.  Jeff is dedicated to making sure your rights are protected so you are protected.  Jeff is methodical, thorough, and dedicated to his clients.  He is well familiar with the obstacles NYCERS can throw in your way, and is extremely well versed at helping you navigate them.  His experience with NYCERS, and creativity in dealing with their objections and denials makes him the best lawyer for your disability pension.   You can trust him and his firm, Goldberg & McEnaney, to have your back, they are reliable and have a genuine concern for you.  I have seen this first hand not only in my own case but on the many occasions in which Jeff answered questions I asked on behalf of other EMS members who were not able to hire an attorney on their own.  That, and their successful track record should give you peace of mind.


- Marianne Pizzitola, EMS, Retired

  President, FDNY EMS Retirees Association

I never thought what would happen to me happened. I was truly at a loss.  My situation was dire and I needed expert help.  My first lawyer, XXXXXXXXXX, just didn’t have the experience.  What you need is in this firm.  I could not have done it without them. I am forever thankful.

- Greg W. (C.O., DOC, Retired) 

Thank you to your entire team at Goldberg & McEnaney for your incredible support.  Thank you Jeff, for not only being my lawyer but my counselor and friend throughout this entire process.  You believed in my case despite my situation, pulled together to give me a winning plan and strategy, and your attention to detail and diligence in pushing my case forward and relentlessly fighting for me are what made the award of my 3/4 disability pension possible.

- Kendra Herrera, P.O., NYPD, Retired

I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for what you have done for me and my family.  I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years since we first started my 3/4 Heart Bill case.  Having you guys on my side kept me going.  I don’t know how many emails and phone calls we had but those moments, and reading the legal briefs you drafted for me, kept me thinking positive and knowing how hard you guys were pushing for me.  I knew we would prevail.  I hope when things get back to normal we can all go out and have a nice meal to celebrate.  You guys will always have a special place in the O’Connor family.  If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you very much!!!


Your friend,

Mike O’Connor, Sgt., NYPD, Retired

When I met Mr. Jeffrey Goldberg, I was going through a challenging time in my life. I was at a point where my situation was viewed as ‘the impossible.’ I was referred to Mr. Goldberg by a supervisor/friend who knew I was having problems with my disability pension. After my first meeting with Mr. Goldberg in his office, I left feeling more confident and knowledgeable about my situation.  Everything that he told me, happened exactly as he said it would - which showed me that he was very knowledgeable about NYPD pension system, the NYPD culture and politics and even the specific NYPD department that I worked for. Whenever I speak of the process that I went through to retire, I always mention Mr. Goldberg. He was there for me during a time that I felt like I was against the world. I get very emotional just thinking about it. My children were young, and I was a single parent. He is a very honest, honorable, caring, and compassionate person. He helped me and I am beyond grateful. And when I think of Mr. Goldberg, I remember how he made me feel; confident and secure. Anyone who hires him will get that feeling too. He is thorough, and displays years of experience, and will get the job done. 

- K.G., P.O., NYPD, Retired

They wouldn’t take my case at first because they thought my injuries were severe enough that I would get approved for 3/4’s on my own, without a lawyer.  When I came back and told them I had been denied I could tell they were upset for me – that it was outrageous I hadn’t been approved.  Told me there was no excuse for denying me and that it was as clear as day I couldn’t be put back full duty.  They then accepted my case and within about a year and a half, got me approved for 3/4’s.  Thank you Goldberg & McEnaney.  Got me promoted to “Mr.”!


-Anthony G. (P.O., NYPD, Retired) 

Myself and my wife thank you, the lawyers at Goldberg & McEnaney, the paralegals (Julie & Steve) for your hard work and dedication in securing me a World Trade Center Disability Retirement.  Thank you very, very much for your counsel and direction.

- John C. M. (Investigator, NYS Police, Retired) 

When I started having trouble breathing 15 years after 9/11, I never even considered filing for an upgrade to 3/4’s. It was my old partner who, luckily, badgered me into calling Tim and Jeff about a WTC pension, and I went to see them at their office.  Sitting in the waiting room I could hear laughing on the other side of the door, then the door opens and a guy I know well walks out with them, heading for the parking lot. Called him after my meeting (which was great) was over to compare notes and we both wound up hiring them we were so impressed.  Deeply knowledgeable about disability law and the FDNY’s application process, knew all the players, they’re NOT snowflakes, and obviously love what they do.  Great guys doing great work.  My buddy’s case is still pending but I have faith G&M will get him out like they did me.  They told me it would take months for it to really sink in and they were right.  Still doesn’t feel real, but I can live with that!


- Miguel Q. (Firefighter, FDNY, retired)

Dear Tim, Jeff, Julie and Steve,
Thank you all so much for what you have done for myself and my family.  Never thought it would be possible to get upgraded to a WTC 3/4 pension after all these years.  There are no words to express how truly grateful we are.

- David & Carolyn Martinez (Detective, NYPD ESU, Retired)

Well, I’m officially a gambling man now.  Had my doubts about rolling the dice on my WTC disability pension application for my chronic acid reflux (GERD), especially because I know other guys with worse issues than mine who didn’t get out.  When Tim and Jeff told me its not about what other people have, its whether I am prevented from doing police work as a result of MY condition that matters, well, I had my doubts.  Felt like I was gambling with the attorney fees I had to pay them and that I’d lose it like I was at the slots in Vegas.  Turns out they know their business and I was the ignoramus, LOL.  Still can’t believe it even though its been several weeks since they “retired” me.  I still shake my head every time I see their souvenir challenge coin on my desk.  A bit more expensive then I was ready for, but incredibly knowledgeable and effective.  These men are the ones you want on your side when you’re up against the NYPD machine.  They know every trick the NYPD plays and have a counter move for every one that was tried on me.  I’d do a video testimonial too if I could.  Great work guys!  God bless you both!

- Mark V. (Capt., NYPD, Retired)

Lost three times in front of the NYCERS medical board, hired G&M, took the City to court, then BAM, 3/4s!  What else is there to say?  I’ll tell you what.  Tim and Jeff are my BOYS.  No quit in that team my Correctional brothers and sisters.  They GET what life is like at Rikers for us, they UNDERSTAND the games the DOC and NYCERS play, and they STAND UP for you and FIGHT for you like you’re FAMILY.  Who else does that?  When do you even HEAR about lawyers like that?  You DON’T.  The BEST!

- Sean W. (C.O., DOC, Retired)

It was really tough dealing with my injuries while trying to get through the disability pension process.  Treatment authorizations denied then authorized, locked in my house between treatments, absence control visits to my door and sitting in front of my house and threats from district surgeons about putting me back on the street full duty.  Jeff and Tim changed all that.  As soon as they sent in documents for me letting the job know they were on my case EVERYTHING changed.  Denied three times before I hired them then awarded three quarters in under 6 months.  Tim took my calls and answered my texts for months and they’d call me whenever anything happened, sometimes with both on the line at the same time. You get the whole firm working for you when you hire them.  They changed my life forever and acted like it was no big deal.  Well it was huge for me.  Eternally grateful and friend for life.

- Paul M. (Sgt., NYPD, Retired)

Saw a different lawyer before going to Goldberg & McEnaney who said my 3/4 case was so bad it “wouldn’t be ethical” to take my money.  Turns out he really just didn’t want my case because it would involve a lot of work and he only takes “ground ball” cases that you don’t even need a lawyer for.  Tim and Jeff told me he was wrong, showed me why he was wrong, and then got to work.  Took over 3 years to get through the NYCERS (rigged) application process and then the Article 78, but they did it - and I’m comfortably retired now in Florida on 3/4’s triple tax free for life.  Thank God I didn’t take the first lawyer’s advice, and thanks Tim and Jeff for everything!

- Tom T. (C.O., DOC, Retired)

When I first got sick all I could think about was my wife and kids having to make it on their own.  Then, when my 3/4 application was rejected, because they said it wasn’t heart disease, a NYPD friend of mine gave me Goldberg & McEnaney’s number and said to call them and nobody else.  He knew four guys they got approved and said everybody loves them, just do it.  So I went, not thinking I had any chance and that they’d tell me my case was impossible.  They did the opposite, and showed me another heart case they just won, and then said that just because the Art. II Medical Board denied me doesn’t mean they’re right.  Then they told me how the Medical Division works and how litigation and appeals work and showed me best - and worst - case scenarios.  What my case’s weaknesses and strengths were and how we could address every single thing in the Board’s rejection letter.  Mr. McEnaney even drew the process out on paper for me to make it easier to follow.  The consultation was over 2 hours long, they didn’t rush me out the door.  Made sure I understood everything and were incredibly patient with my (and my wife’s) many questions and concerns.  By the time I left the stress was just gone – my wife said I’d be crazy not to hire them so… I just put it all in their hands.  They delivered in spades.   Retired on ¾’s now with twice the take home pension I would have had with my service pension and variable supplement.  Best decision I ever made.

- Dennis W. (P.O., NYPD, Retired)

Look no further. This is the firm that pulled it past the finish line for me.  Great job guys and God bless!

- John P (Lt., NYPD, Retired)

Amazing job guys and love the challenge coin!  Thank you for your kindness, availability, and devotion, but most of all your patience!  Answering all my questions really took my stress down and Julie and Steve are so kind and on top of things that I never felt overwhelmed.  It’s been over a week, and it still doesn’t feel real.  Am I really retired?  LOL!  Enjoy the basket, you all deserve it!

- E. F.  (Sanitation Worker, DSNY, Retired)

To everyone at Goldberg and McEnaney,
We will never be able to thank you enough for what you’ve done for us.  Your devotion, hard work and creativity are what put us over the top and we will always be in your debt.  I know in my heart that Sean is looking down on us now and smiling that we kept on fighting until we won.  If you ever need anything at all you know who to call.

- The H’s  (DSNY widow, and family)

Hands down the best pension attorneys out there.  Don’t even think about going somewhere else.  I saw three lawyers before going to them and went with them even though they cost more than the other three.  These guys know EVERYTHING about 3/4 cases because it’s the ONLY THING THEY DO.  This was the main reason I picked them.  They don’t do a bunch of different things and claim to be experts in all of them.  Just 3/4 pensions 24/7/365.  Talking about where I worked and with whom, turns out I knew someone they had already helped win in court.  Then when I mentioned to someone at work that I hired Goldberg & McEnaney he said he knew someone else they helped get 3/4’s.  They don’t promise anything, and they tell you there’s no guarantees even for good cases and even told me about some that should have been approved but were denied before they took my case.  When my application was denied the first time they said “that’s just step one” and not to give up hope.  The second time it was denied they said “that’s just step two,” then after it was resubmitted a third time I was approved for 3/4’s. While they were representing me I referred three friends to them, and they still thank me for it.  Best attorneys out there.

- Susan L. (P.O., NYPD retired) 

Jeff and Tim took the time to really understand my case (over 3 hours) when I first sat down with both of them.  Very caring and compassionate and so friendly and relaxed that I found I was relaxed as well after talking with them for only a few minutes.  They asked me questions other attorneys didn’t, told me MANY things my union rep (and union attorney) didn’t, and made me realize that some of the people I had spoken to about my case had absolutely no idea about what they were talking about.  Never met attorneys like them before and I honestly think better of lawyers in general because of them.  Real human beings and incredibly knowledgeable NYPD disability cases.  I would recommend them to anybody in a heartbeat and cannot thank them enough for helping me get to 3/4’s so quickly.  I’m still amazed.  

- Joselyn F. (P.O., NYPD, Retired)

What’s obvious as soon as you walk into their office is that disability pension work is all these guys do.  This is not a workers comp firm that does a little bit of pension work or catches a pension case a few times a year.  Literally every newspaper article on their waiting room walls is about one of their pension cases and they talk about each one of their clients like they just got off the phone with them and talk everyday.  Friendliest lawyers I ever met and really, REALLY think outside the box.  Anything that even touches on pensions they know.  They bounce ideas off each other right in front of you and really THINK about how you can win.  Plus so generous with their time – never felt rushed once and even the initial consultation was over 3 hours long.  Tim answered my texts on weekends and actually picked up his cell every single time I called.  Most important, they won my case and changed my life forever.  I’m eternally grateful.  Jeff and Tim you are the best.

- Dmitry L. (P.O. NYPD, Retired)

Best disability pension lawyers in the known universe.  Not kidding.  Won my case AND my partner’s case (for completely different conditions) when everyone we knew, and some of the people at Lefrak, told us we had no chance of getting through.  Tim and Jeff are true gentlemen and consummate professionals.  You can’t do better (in this universe).

- Mike P. (Sgt., NYPD, Retired)

Best of the best of the best.  Won me my WTC 3/4’s and college tuition for my kids.  Can’t sing their praises loud enough or recommend them more highly.  These guys love what they do and really care about their clients.  They never rush you off the phone or out of their office and make you feel like a part of their family.  Sent the friend who recommended them a gift basket before I they even won my case, I was so happy after hiring them.

- Lisa S. (EMT, FDNY, Retired)

If you need a disability pension lawyer you found the right firm. Tim and Jeff told me the whole process can take up to 2-3 years but then got me approved in under a year, even though my union attorney said I had “not a snowball’s chance” and his sidekick said “yeah, that’s not a 3/4 injury.”  Joked with my wife that I’m getting a tattoo on my f’d up arm that says “Not a 3/4 injury.”  

- Mike D. (DSNY, Retired) 

An accomplished disability law firm paying extreme attention to detail, and reliably communicating the case status to me in near real time.  I’m a big believer in “you get what you pay for” and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my case.  So glad I found this firm – worth every penny!


- J.D.S. (Det., NYPD, Retired)

I never thought my heart bill case stood a chance until I saw Goldberg & McEnaney.  Sat down with me and drilled into my records, pointing out what was good and what was a problem, then how to deal with the problems and show the medical board that I really was entitled to 3/4’s even though I had been denied twice by them already.  And it worked!  Head and shoulders above anyone else I spoke to before sitting with them.  When  they called me to tell me I was approved for 3/4’s I think they were as excited as I was - told me their favorite thing in the world to do was making these calls.

- Carl B. (Firefighter, FDNY, Retired)

My prayers were answered when G&M took my case.  Got the tip that these guys were the only way to go from several guys on the job and my uncle in the FDNY.  Everyone said the same thing:  “you need Jeff Goldberg.”  They were right.  He and his partner Tim were a godsend.  Sized up my case, gave me a plan, followed up with me constantly and guided me through the system without a single misstep.  Approved for 3/4's ADR last week (I have the G&M challenge coin to prove it!) and still shaking my head that I actually made it.  Best feeling there is.

- Matt W. (P.O., NYPD, Retired)

Goldberg & McEnaney was the only firm I was able to locate that only handles 3/4 disability pension cases.  Best decision I made was hiring them instead of letting my workers comp attorney “help” me with my application.  Got me approved in record time and kept me informed every step of the way (unlike my workers comp attorney who I can NEVER get on the phone).  

- Mark P. (C.O., DOC, Retired)

My recommendation to anyone looking to pursue a 3/4 Disability is to hire an attorney from the very beginning and make sure that attorney is Goldberg & McEnaney. If I knew then what I know now about the NYPD disability process, I wouldn't have waited until I was DENIED twice by the Medical Board before hiring my own attorney.  I went to visit Tim McEnaney at their office for a consultation and he spent over 3 hours explaining everything I needed to know in great detail. Tim answered all my questions, responded quickly to all my calls/texts, and was always open to hearing my opinions/suggestions. His paralegals, Julie & Steve, were always professional and a pleasure to speak with as well. I really felt that the entire office was working on my case. Tim would consult with his partner Jeff Goldberg regularly to brainstorm the particulars of my case. Tim was honest with me and explained that a favorable decision at this (administrative) stage was a long-shot, but felt that getting involved in my case prior to suing the City in an Article 78 Proceeding would enable us to lay the groundwork necessary to win, should such litigation be necessary.   I did some intensive research and I found past cases of G&M's that aligned with some similarities to my case and I knew this was the legal team I needed on my side. I am extremely happy that they took my case and, of course, with the outcome - we won, and without having to litigate!  I can't THANK YOU enough G&M!!!!

- Frank T. (Sgt., NYPD, Retired)

Retired from the FDNY fifteen years before I started getting asthma and acid reflux.  Never even considered filing for 3/4’s so long after 9/11 until one of my buddies mentioned a friend who’d just gotten his service pension upgraded to 3/4’s under the WTC disability law.  Doubled his service pension take home.  So I asked who he used and was told Goldberg & McEnaney.  Then I did some research on G&M to see if they were as good as he said they were.  On the web found no (zero) negative reviews, tons of winning decisions, and their website ( proudly states that 3/4’s cases are all they handle 24/7/365.  Then started making some calls to guys I knew went out on 3/4’s and found all but one had used the exact same firm.  Went in and sat down with them.  Learned many things I never heard from my union reps and that how many years I was retired made no difference at all for my upgrade.  Tim and Jeff sat with me for close to 4 hours going over everything I brought them and I hadn’t even retained them yet.  I was really surprised when they both told me I might not need them because my PFT’s were so bad, and said I should try to put the application in myself the first time, then gave me some free pointers on what to include with my application, and said to just let them know if I got denied (but that I shouldn’t be).  I did so, then got denied the upgrade, so I called them back.  When Tim heard my case was denied he did this really heavy sigh, and said “ok, come back in and lets get this moving for you.”  And they did.  Julie was great at keeping my records organized and explaining what I needed to get them for my remands and Tim and Jeff were incredibly on top of my case from beginning to end.  These guys really know their stuff and especially the FDNY pension system.  They had a solution for every problem, explained things in regular English, and were available to me every single time I called or called me back within minutes.  Everyone in their office knew my case and it gave me peace of mind every time I spoke to anyone there, which was a lot.  I consider them all friends at this point.  I don’t know what other lawyers are like as I never needed one before, but I’m pretty sure this nis not the norm for a law firm.  Great guys.  Best part is that within one year they got me approved for reclassification under the WTC disability law and my pension take home is now twice what I was getting before, and college tuition for my boys is now also covered with a WTC scholarship because of my reclassification and upgraded pension.  Couldn’t be happier I chose them.

- Marc V. (F.F., FDNY, Retired)

These guys are the best.  Don’t even think about letting anyone else touch your pension case.  My union attorney was useless.  My first private lawyer almost killed my case because he had no idea what he was doing and always ducked my calls.  Guy never had an answer to anything I asked (the few times I could get him to return a call) and sent in records he shouldn’t have – which the medical board used to turn me down.  Jeff Goldberg knew the answer for everything.  Every single question.  And he and Tim McEnaney returned my calls even when they were on vacation.  Never failed to return a single call.  Got me approved in a year and nine months, which they said was record time for a NY state case like mine.  Jeff and Tim poured a ton of time and effort into my case and it made all the difference.  I recommend them to anyone applying for three quarters.  There are definitely cheaper firms out there but believe me, nothing like them, not even close.

- Tom. L (P.O., P.A.P.D., Retired)

Met Tim McEnaney at an NYPD retirement dinner a couple of years ago.  Turns out my father had used his partner Jeff Goldberg for his 3/4 case over 25 years ago.  So when I messed up my knee at work I called Tim to discuss my case with him.  Visited their office in Port Washington and was impressed with their whole staff, each person nicer than the next and as helpful as can be.  They were brutally honest with me about my chances and told me everything I should do (and not do) to increase my odds of getting approved.  Later they (Tim and Jeff both) reviewed every page of the medical records I sent them and called me to discuss things they had picked up about them in detail.  They clearly spent a lot of time just thinking about my case and made sure to ask me for my input after giving their advice.  Careful, thoughtful and tons of energy.  You can tell they love what they do and you get a sense that they really enjoy talking to their clients.  When I was approved they knew before I did and called to let me know - I’m still not sure who was more excited about it, me or Tim.  Best pension firm out there IMHO, and best money I ever spent.  Thanks guys (and Julie!)!

- Michael P. (P.O., NYPD, Retired)

Goldberg & McEnaney represented me in my 3/4 disability case against NYCERS.  I heard about them from a friend who had gotten his pension through them and kept their business card.  Working for the MTA, my job was to be outside in all kinds of weather, getting my cars inspected and ready for hookup.  When I slipped on a wet rail one day I broke my hip but my 3/4 application was denied because they didn’t think my fall qualified as an “accident.”  Tim and his partner Jeff disagreed, and said they would take my case.  After several prep session with them going over my testimony, Tim went with me to my NYCERS hearing in front of the board of trustees and brought one of my supervisors in as a witness.  By the end of that hearing you could tell I was going to win from the comments the trustees were making right after Tim finished speaking.  He was SO prepared and SO quick on his feet that he made it look easy.  None of my co-workers could believe I won, but I have my G&M challenge coin to prove it!  LOVE my pension lawyers!

- Vanessa B.  (Train Operator, MTA, Retired)

Sending you this email to express our deep appreciation for all your hard work.  Laura and I are thrilled we finally won and are still in shock that I’m actually retired after so much time and so much grief.  Should have come to you guys years earlier but hindsight is always 20/20.  Would have sent this note to you a week ago but got so caught up in moving down here that I completely forgot!  So grateful for all your help.  God bless you all (Julie and Steve too!) and thank you so much!!!

- Billy G. (Lt., NYPD, Retired)

Heard about Tim and Jeff through several co-workers before calling them about my 3/4 case.  When they sat down with me they were very thorough.  They had clearly read through all of my medical records and my line of duty injury reports and were obviously highly experienced in getting cases like mine through the systems.  They outlined their concerns, offered me the game plan they felt would give me the best chance of approval and then got to work.  Their support staff is outstanding as well, walked me through everything I needed to do to obtain the documentation I needed and made the entire process as easy as possible.  Best of all, they got me approved

- Kevin J., PAPD, retired

If you need a 3/4 disability lawyer, you’re in the right place.  They don’t “specialize” in a dozen practice areas, only 3/4 disability cases, and MAN do they know their business.  Never been more impressed or satisfied with any other service I have tried.  Friendly, courteous, sharp and aggressive.  They were a bit more expensive than the other firm I spoke with before them but you get what you pay for.  These guys are everything you want in a law firm when your gut tells you the deck is stacked against you.  I knew shortly after hiring them that that was the best decision I’ve made in years.  Took 16 months but they did it!  APPROVED 3/4’s!

- Mitch P., Sgt. NYPD, Retired

Found G&M through a google search and read through their website to get a feel for whether they could help me with my disability pension.  Read through the reviews on their site (all of which look like this one) and set up a free consultation.  Well, we weren’t prepared for what awaited us during that discussion.  To say that they provided me with a ton of information doesn’t even begin to cover it.  They answered every question my wife and I had instantly, patiently filled us in on all of the things my union rep never mentioned (and probably doesn’t know), described the entire application process to us (including how litigation would work if I got denied), and laid out a thoughtful plan of attack that made total sense.  Can’t fully describe what a relief it was to have someone put things into plain English and take the wheel on the entire process.  Win, lose or draw, we knew right then we had found the best disability pension lawyers for my case.  When my WTC disability pension was approved neither my wife nor I was surprised, we knew we were in the best of hands, but we were, and will forever be, grateful to everyone at G&M (Jeff, Tim, Steve and Julie!) for making it happen.

- Chris L., P.O., NYPD, Retired

I was referred to Goldberg & McEnaney by a co-worker on my truck.  Got me approved after several people, including my !$^#* union rep, said my case wasn’t a “good 3/4 case” and that I “should go back to full duty and get another injury, then try again.”  Jeff and Tim strongly disagreed, and they were right.  The best. 

- David J, Det., ESU, Retired

When I first met with Tim and Jeff I was expecting a completely different experience based on a negative experience I had with a lawyer I had in the past.  Turns out they talk like normal people in plain English, and listen to what you have to say, and they actually had read through my entire file and knew my entire medical history before I even sat down with them. Tim explained some things to me about my conditions that my doctors never even mentioned and gave me some tips for how to reduce my neck and back pain which actually worked.  Their support staff is top notch too (they say on their website that 3/4 pensions are all they do and you see the advantage of that in how knowledgeable their entire staff is about everything 3/4’s related) and my calls were always either taken immediately or returned same day (which never happened with my other attorney).  All I’m saying is that you can trust these guys to handle your case with a ton of expertise and to actually pick up the phone when you need their advice.   For 3/4 cases, you can’t do any better than these guys.

- Jim F. (FF, FDNY, Retired)

This is the best 3/4 pension firm in existence (IMHO). Everyone I dealt with here was courteous, professional and knew pensions inside and out. Tim spent endless time with me and my husband (he is SO patient and nice), told us exactly what to expect from this process from beginning to end, and he was right on literally everything he predicted.  The medical board doctors did exactly what he said they would do and even asked most of the questions Tim said that they would ask.  It was like getting the Cliff’s Notes for my examination before hand!  I was so intimidated the first time I went before those board doctors and they were nasty to me.  Huge change in attitude once they knew I had Goldberg and McEnaney!  They were so nice and respectful once they knew I had pitbulls with teeth in my corner. 

- Maria G. (Sgt., NYPD, Retired)

To the gang at G&M:  Know that you are, and will forever be, in the hearts and prayers of the [W] family for: 

-  Your hard work and dedication,
-  Your spot-on advice,
-  Your immediate response to every call and text,
-  Your unparalleled empathy and concern,
-  Your attention to every detail of our case
-  Your endless optimism and creativity


Tim, Jeff, Julie, Laura and Steve, you changed the course of all our lives forever, and we are eternally grateful.  You’ll be hearing from all of my friends who need pension help in the future.  Still pinching ourselves.  Its real right?  LOL.  God bless!!!!


- Tom L. (Lt., FDNY, Retired)

Can’t thank you fine folks enough for winning my case.  After my last denial I didn’t think even God could get me approved.  But He showed me.  He sent me to you, and, apparently, He knows his stuff.  ;) 

- Michael M. (PO, NYPD, Retired)

My only other lawyer experience before this firm was with a family court lawyer I would never recommend to anyone.  This was like a negative of that experience, the complete opposite.  If you have a 3/4 pension case this is the firm you want to go with.  Ask around like I did and you’ll see what I mean.  They don’t have unhappy former clients.  Once I started telling people at work who I had hired for my case, they started telling me about people they knew who had won with them, and not just a few, which made me feel good after laying out the money to hire them as I’m not made of money and I hated my last lawyer.  Best move I ever made.  You can tell these guys love what they do and they are incredible at it.  Super creative and thoughtful with dacades of doing only 3/4 pension cases.  No way any other attorney’s know more about winning pension cases or could do better than them.  I strongly recommend this firm.

- Joseph P. (Det., NYPD, Retired)

It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. Everyone is and has been exceptional. Words can't say how appreciative I am. Thank you!

- Reginald H. (PO, NYPD, Retired)

Hello Tim and Julie, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help in assisting me in my entire retirement process. It was a pleasure working with your firm. Julie was always there to handle any questions/concerns I had during the entire process and to prompt Tim of any pertinent information that needed to be addressed in a timely matter. Tim prepared me for any questions and concerns I had and provided the confidence needed to see the process through. 

- X.X. (Battalion Commander, FDNY, Retired)

G&M won my 3/4 case last year.  Doubled my take home pay from my pension.  Since then I have referred 4 friends to them.  Every one of them has thanked me and one of them also just got approved.  I have every faith the rest will too.  It’s the amount of time they spend on their cases.  My initial consultation was what first tipped me off to this.  Tim and Jeff sat with me for almost 3 hours that day, asked me a million insightful questions, came up with a strategy for my case on the spot, and they always knew my file when I called.  They were also always eager to hear from me and find out anything new that they could potentially use to win my case.  Really easy going and easy to sit and talk with but they are deadly serious about winning their cases.  My buddies agree and everyone I’ve spoken with whose used them agrees as well.  These lawyers are consummate professionals with a ton of expertise in 3/4 pension cases and they SPEND the TIME to get it right and give you the best shot possible.  This is what makes the difference.  They charge a little more than some other firms but this is for all the marbles folks and you REALLY do get what you paid for here.  A buddy of mine went with someone at his cousin's workers comp firm and is now kicking himself.  Can’t get his calls returned, nobody really understands his case or what he needs to do, and he’s now been transferred to yet a third young attorney at that firm who has no idea what he’s doing.  Experience, professionalism, and work ethics matter.

- Dougie O. (PO, NYPD, Retired)

To Tim, Jeff, Steve, and Julie, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Hanging from my rearview mirror is my shiny new 3/4 pension challenge coin in its beautiful pink leather key chain holder.   I LOVE IT because it reminds me every day what you all have done fore me and my little girl.  When I got hurt, and the job turned my down for both ordinary and 3/4 disability pensions, I really didn’t know where to turn.  So glad I found you on google.  When everyone I told I was using you said “they’re the best” it made me feel like God was guiding me that day and gave me hope.  Then I REALLY started to  worry.  But you guys always knew the right things to say to calm me down.  Eternally grateful.  God Bless!

- Malini R. (PO, NYPD, Retired)

Great pension law firm.  So glad I found them.  Don’t hesitate to hire them.  They tell you what your union reps don’t know and prepare you for everything you will be facing in advance.  Their legal advice is sound as Fort Knox.  They are forthright and professional.  They won my case when my union guy (who is a personal friend of mine) said there was “no way in hell” I would ever get approved for 3/4’s.  He just hired them too, LOL.

- Mike P. (Lt., NYPD, Retired)

Dear Tim, Jeff, Julie, and Steve,

I cannot express my sincerest appreciation for winning my 3/4 case.  After numerous injuries, surgeries, and light-duty assignments, I began the long and arduous process of being boarded.  Believing that my case was clearly cut and dry, I presented my documents and detailed health history to the board.  Weeks later, I was devastated to find out I was denied.  Three years of this tedious process had already passed. Colleagues and other department staff told me I probably would never win my case.  I started feeling defeated, unheard, and others were unresponsive to my situation. It was then that a fellow firefighter recommended Goldberg & McEnaney.  I quickly scheduled a consultation. I was highly impressed with their honesty and professionalism.  They listened to my whole story and medical history and felt confident that I had a strong case that they could win.  I immediately hired them and felt that I was in good hands.  They communicated well, returned my calls, and completed all the necessary paperwork.  They won my case within nine months, and I received my 9/11 3/4 pension.  I will forever be grateful for your help, which has been life-changing. Thank you!


- Vinny D. (Firefighter, FDNY, Retired)

Thank you so much for validating my sacrifice and service to my city. It truly has helped to heal my heart.

Forever grateful,

Yvette Montalvo.

P.S.: It cannot be overstated how important Julie was in helping me stay focused and on task, to get the desired outcome. God bless all of you!!

- Yvette Montalvo (EMS, FDNY, Retired)

I couldn’t have had a better team fighting for me through the long frustrating process of 3/4. I found myself at times losing hope and thinking approval is not in the cards for me. But Tim and Jeff, both kept me fighting and never let me give up even when I got denied the first time before the medical board. When the city medical board came at me hard Tim and Jeff made my case even stronger finding new strategies to make the medical board see the true validity of my case. I remember Tim spending as much time as I needed to go over my case and he was receptive to my concerns. I didn’t feel like a client I felt he really cared about me as well as my success in getting my 3/4. I was recommended to the Goldberg and McEnaney firm by a friend of mine who they helped years ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made it was definitely the right choice.

- John C. (Sgt. NYPD, Retired)

These guys are the absolute BEST!  I still can't believe its over.  Do yourself a favor and call them.  Best move I ever made.  Found them on Google then started telling people I know about them and like three of my friends said they knew other people who used them successfully and that everyone knows they're the best.  Well, I didn't know it before, but I sure do now.  You'll know what I mean when you meet with them. 

- Mikey J.  (P.O. NYPD, Retired)

My wife and I would like to thank you and your staff for all their hard work and persistence.  Winning my 3/4 case has been life changing for us.  Having you and Jeff in our pocket, being able to call you at anytime for advice when I or my wife got anxious was a godsend.  If there is ever anything you need from this (retired!) ex firefighter, just ask.  God bless you all!

- Rob M. (F.F. FDNY, Retired)

Due to my LOD injury, I was diagnosed with a painful and crippling autoimmune illness that required

numerous doctors and treatments.  Jeff and Tim helped me from the start by explaining the whole

process and what to expect.  They even helped me with the first step of filling out my application.   

They took care of the run a round from the medical division, pension board and the Department, so I

can focus on my health and medical treatment.  They consistently checked in with me to make sure I was

updated and ok.  After all the back and forth with the medical division and pension board I was

approved for the three-quarter disability pension.  Jeff, Tim, Julie and to the rest of the staff, me my wife

and family can’t express how much gratitude we have for all the hard work your law firm did for us during this difficult time.  Still in shock that you guys were able to get my 3/4 approved without a court room.  I tell everyone I know to go to you guys first when considering disability retirement.  Thanks so much my life and health have gotten so much better thanks to your law firm.


-  Danny Cawthorne (Sgt., NYPD, Retired)

Dear Tim, Julie, Steve and Jeff,
Since the first day that I spoke with Steve and Julie, I knew that they were concerned about my
medical conditions and went above and beyond to help me during this difficult process. The
team was always there when I needed them, answering my calls and keeping me up to date.
Your belief and support in my case meant alot. My family and I cannot thank you enough for all
that you have done.

-  Joseph M., P.O. NYPD, Retired

Dear Jeff & Tim & Staff,


I cannot express enough gratitude for all that you have done for me. The fight was long, but well worth it. I am thankful that I stuck it out. Also, so very grateful for Dr. Rafi, who clearly played a very important part in this outcome. So thank you for bringing him on as well.


-  Forever grateful, FS (NYPD, widow) 

Greetings, everyone, Goldberg & McEnaney and staff,


Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to my case and situation!! I really appreciate each and every single one of you. God bless you all. 


Best regards,

-  R.G. (Corrections, retired)

I would like to Thank Goldberg & McEnaney Julie, Steve & the entire staff for their dedication, professionalism & knowledge in assisting, guiding & being with me every step of the way on my journey to 3/4 disability retirement. I could not have done it without their support. They’re simply the best, better than all the rest. I’ll be forever grateful, Thank You!!


-  R.E.G. (Capt., Doc., Retired)

Jeff, Tim, Julie and all staff.


I can’t thank you all enough for what you did for me. You were all great and supportive.  I will keep spreading the good word about you all.  I also appreciate your patience with ME.  Still haven’t been finalized yet, but hopefully soon.




-  John. C. (Sgt., NYPD, Retired)

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