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What Our Clients Say About Us

As a Correction Officer wounded multiple times in violent inmate incidents which ultimately led to my having to undergo a multi-level spinal fusion, I thought my disability pension application would be granted the first time I submitted it.  I was about as wrong as I’ve ever been.  It was denied the first time, and then denied every time I renewed it, despite my changing “pension” attorneys several times, and having to return to NYCERS for numerous Medical Board Exams.  One of my old attorneys even tried to tell me the repeated denials I got  weren’t his fault because my case was “unwinnable.”  Then I found Goldberg & McEnaney.  They moved mountains for me, LISTENED to me, invited me to spend time in their office and answered every single phone call I made to them (in the office and on their cell phones) and discussed my case with me for as long as it took to understand everything that had been done wrong before I handed my virtually dead case to them.  And then they did some legal CPR on it, worked day and night to meet my court deadline, and brought it back to life.  Tim did such a beautiful job on my Article 78 that the judge granted me my benefits as a matter of law, right after oral argument.  A bench decision.  I couldn’t believe it at first.  Bottom line:  Don’t bargain hunt and don’t use your workers comp attorney for your application or Article 78.  There’s way too much at stake.  Trust this firm to do right by you and to give you the absolute best chance possible to get your ¾ pension.  So glad I did.

- Scott Singleton, CO, Retired

Having known Jeffrey Goldberg for over 25 years, and having been represented by him for my own successful 3/4 disability pension, I can confidently state that he is a champion for your disability pension.  He takes his time, sits with you, actively listens to your story, reviews your evidence, prepares the documentation with the disability package to present your case.  He is with you during your medical exam, and will fight for you every step of the way.  His experience and intimate knowledge of the NYC pension system will give you peace and confidence since this has been his life’s work.  Jeff is dedicated to making sure your rights are protected so you are protected.  Jeff is methodical, thorough, and dedicated to his clients.  He is well familiar with the obstacles NYCERS can throw in your way, and is extremely well versed at helping you navigate them.  His experience with NYCERS, and creativity in dealing with their objections and denials makes him the best lawyer for your disability pension.   You can trust him and his firm, Goldberg & McEnaney, to have your back, they are reliable and have a genuine concern for you.  I have seen this first hand not only in my own case but on the many occasions in which Jeff answered questions I asked on behalf of other EMS members who were not able to hire an attorney on their own.  That, and their successful track record should give you peace of mind.


- Marianne Pizzitola, EMS, Retired

  President, FDNY EMS Retirees Association

Thank you to your entire team at Goldberg & McEnaney for your incredible support.  Thank you Jeff, for not only being my lawyer but my counselor and friend throughout this entire process.  You believed in my case despite my situation, pulled together to give me a winning plan and strategy, and your attention to detail and diligence in pushing my case forward and relentlessly fighting for me are what made the award of my 3/4 disability pension possible.

Kendra Herrera, P.O., NYPD, Retired

I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for what you have done for me and my family.  I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years since we first started my ¾ Heart Bill case.  Having you guys on my side kept me going.  I don’t know how many emails and phone calls we had but those moments, and reading the legal briefs you drafted for me, kept me thinking positive and knowing how hard you guys were pushing for me.  I knew we would prevail.  I hope when things get back to normal we can all go out and have a nice meal to celebrate.  You guys will always have a special place in the O’Connor family.  If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask.


Thank you very much !!!


Your friend,

Mike O’Connor, Sgt., NYPD, Retired

When I met Mr. Jeffrey Goldberg, I was going through a challenging time in my life. I was at a point where my situation was viewed as ‘the impossible.’ I was referred to Mr. Goldberg by a supervisor/friend who knew I was having problems with my disability pension. After my first meeting with Mr. Goldberg in his office, I left feeling more confident and knowledgeable about my situation.  Everything that he told me, happened exactly as he said it would - which showed me that he was very knowledgeable about NYPD pension system, the NYPD culture and politics and even the specific NYPD department that I worked for. Whenever I speak of the process that I went through to retire, I always mention Mr. Goldberg. He was there for me during a time that I felt like I was against the world. I get very emotional just thinking about it. My children were young, and I was a single parent. He is a very honest, honorable, caring, and compassionate person. He helped me and I am beyond grateful. And when I think of Mr. Goldberg, I remember how he made me feel; confident and secure. Anyone who hires him will get that feeling too. He is thorough, and displays years of experience, and will get the job done. 

K.G., P.O., NYPD, Retired

As a former NYPD officer who's gone through the ¾ disability pension application process, I can say from personal experience that undergoing a Medical Board examination (part of that process) can be a horrible and nerve-wracking experience - even for applicants with really strong medical evidence in their favor.   Having heard from others on the job, before my first Medical Board exam, that it would be a good idea to talk with a pension lawyer first, because everything rides on the opinion of those three doctors, I did some research on lawyers in that field and found that one lawyer in particular, Jeffrey Goldberg, had an excellent reputation and had handled more pension cases than any of the others I had researched.  Luckily, I was able to get an appointment with Mr. Goldberg before my Medical Board exam.   When we met at his office Mr. Goldberg took the time to talk with me, asked me a lot of questions that made it clear he knew the NYPD application process like the back of his hand, and he read all of my medical records.   By the time we finished going through everything he actually told me that, given the conditions I was diagnosed with, I really didn't need a lawyer - that I shouldn't have any problem getting my three quarters.  This really impressed me, as there was no way I could have known this, and I felt that many other attorneys would have just taken my case anyway just to get paid, knowing that I would have been approved without their "help."  Despite how strong my case was though, the three doctors I was examined by were arrogant and nasty, asking me questions that felt like accusations and which weren't even remotely related to my line of duty injury, some of which were very personal.  I left there horrified, as I could tell from their attitudes that I was definitely going to be denied, and called Mr. Goldberg right after I left.  He was outraged at the treatment I had received, confirmed that I would likely be in for a battle now given what I had described, and, to my relief, said he would now gladly take my case.  Thank God he did.  My union representation was completely uninterested in helping me and useless throughout the whole process, which did turn into an enormous battle.  Mr. Goldberg guided me and fought for me continuously, even though I had to go through another six Medical Board examinations (!) before I was finally approved.  His tenacity and professionalism were unbelievably outstanding but there's more to it than that.  Mr. Goldberg really cares about his clients and doesn't give up till they get what they are entitled to!  


- JPS (NYPD, retired)

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