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Goldberg and McEnaney at   At Goldberg & McEnaney, our disability pension lawyers have over 70 combined years of litigation experience and over 50 years of focused experience in obtaining ¾ disability pensions for New York's civil servants.

Our Sole Practice Area

At G&M, our practice is dedicated, entirely, to providing legal services related to the handling of disability pension applications, litigation (Article 78 Proceedings), and appeals.  Below is a list of the most common types of civil service disability pension matters we handle.  This list is not comprehensive however, so please feel free to call us if the type of disability pension matter you need addressed isn’t among those included here.

  • NYPD and FDNY Accidental Disability Retirement Pensions


  • NYPD and FDNY World Trade Center Disabilty Retirement Pensions

  • NYPD and FDNY World Trade Center Disability Pension Reclassifications


Our sincere apologies to members of the NYCERS and NYSLRS retirement systems, but, due to the increasing demand for our NYPD and FDNY pension services, we have been forced to focus on FDNY and NYPD cases exclusively for the foreseeable future.

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