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What to expect?

What can you expect from your free disability pension consultation?

  1. A comprehensive, unrushed discussion with one or more of our pension attorneys covering every aspect of your case.  Pension cases are highly fact sensitive, are often very complicated, and can be approached in many different ways in order to increase your chances of success.  Because of this, it often takes time to talk through all of the details necessary to select the best plan of attack.  We also understand that you, our future client, are not a lawyer, that you may need time to transition into remembering and discussing certain details, details which may be upsetting to you personally, and that you will need us to explain what it is that we need to know – without confusing legal jargon – in order to help you win your ¾ disability pension or other disability pension retirement benefits. 


  1. A significant reduction of confusion and stress.  While well-meaning, your union rep, your friend’s brother, your trust and estates lawyer (not a dig, some of our best friends are trust and estates lawyers), and people you know who had their disability pension applications granted or denied in the past, are, with rare exceptions, not good sources for reliable advice about disability pension matters.  This is because your entitlement to a disability pension is subject not only to a web of intersecting laws at the state, city and local levels, but by the constantly shifting influence of recent court decisions which change the way in which those laws are interpreted and enforced - changes most people (and most law firms) are simply unaware of.  At Goldberg & McEnaney, we are always aware of such changes because every legal service we provide revolves around disability pension cases and our entire practice hinges on our being fully and immediately aware of any new developments in disability pension law.  We promise that you will feel the truth of this at our first meeting and throughout our representation of you, should you decide to entrust your matter to our care.  One of the most common remarks we hear from clients following an initial consultation is how relieved they feel afterward – simply from receiving straightforward answers, reliable advice, and detailed, knowledgeable direction on how to proceed.   Whether you retain us immediately, or months later when your deadline is approaching, you’ll sleep easier knowing what to expect and what you’ll need to overcome any obstacles in your path to a New York disability retirement pension.

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